My plants are just the right size and seem so healthy I thought I saw one smile at me I could go on and I will: I can’t emphasize enough, the fact that this is as pure A product as I’ve yet to see. And I take great consolation in knowing the plants they nourish are as pure as well . For a recovering cancer survivor , the absents of carcinogenic pesticides is crucial.
So ……..

Thanks Amigo
Christine Dobbs
San Francisco

Seaweed Gro, How appropriate as I watched them blossom. I Might add that the yield was superior. Nice work !

Alex North, Seattle,

Just want to say I am thoroughly enjoying your product as are my babies. And the smell reminds me of the ocean. All happy here and look forward to next season.

Barb Lee
Denver, CO

I am using your products on my enterprise and where I work, particularly your microbes. They have a connection for algae water from Los Alamos, and they don’t want to break that connection. For myself I am using your foliar line with nice results as well as the algae in my soil feed. Thank you again!

David, CO